This week, we are delighted to be able to work with and support The Sophie Hayes Foundation – bringing hope to survivors of human trafficking and slavery.

The Foundation was set up in January 2012. Her story breaks stereo-types and pre-conceptions to show a reality that could happen to anyone. Sophie could be your sister; your daughter; your friend. Sophie could be you.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation was set up and inspired by Sophie when she saw that her story offered hope to others all over the world. With a growing team we aim to provide the tools for people to See Hope in the lives of persons who have been trafficked, to Speak that Hope through whatever means are effective, empowering everyone to Become a symbol of that Hope.

Human trafficking is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes but we encourage everyone to #SeeHope; #SpeakHope; #BeHope so that we can unite and overcome!


This weeks hand drawn design is based on the word HOPE and without hope we have nothing.

Check out this week’s limited edition collection and £5 will be donated to fund help for survivors of human trafficking and slavery.

Zoozoo2 - Hope












Helping to change the world one t-shirt at a time.

There is always somebody somewhere, in desperate need of support.  Each week ZooZoo2 sets out to help one amazing good cause or charity by creating a unique, limited edition t-shirt, and for every t-shirt sold, we give £5 to that good cause. It’s as simple as that.

Hundreds of hard working charities and good causes are fighting for survival. The majority of money donated goes to a few big and powerful household charities, supported by big and powerful commercial brands and celebrities. For the rest, it is a daily battle to be heard and to survive.

Founded in December 2014 by University of Birmingham student Molly Luke, and operating from the family kitchen table in a small village near Cambridge, ZooZoo2’s mission is to redress the balance one t-shirt at a time. It might sound corny, but like all of us, we just want to do a little good for the world and who say’s we can’t do it one t-shirt at a time?”

It’s a family affair
No big brand or corporate headquarters here! Zoozoo2 is truly a family affair. Dad is the workhorse and plate spinner of the team, he manages the website, the inventory, order shipping and answering the phone., Mum creates all the beautiful handrawn designs, and younger sister is our t-shirt model (but not by choice, a little bribery is required).

Ethically produced
The sort of world we live in is important to us and that is why we only use organic cotton for our clothing, which is produced by workers who earn a fair wage.

  • 100% Organic with 90% Reduced CO2 Footprint
  • 100% Organic Product in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced from Indian Cotton, and certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certifications
  • 90% reduced Carbon Footprint (CO2e) according to the BSI PAS2050 and certified by the Carbon Trust.

This weeks design to support survivors of human trafficking and slavery is around the word HOPE.  See the HOPE collection